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Zambia Flag Meaning and History

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zambian Flag Description:
The flag of Zambia consists of a green base. In the bottom right corner there are three equal-sized vertical stripes from left to right of red, black and orange. Above the stripes there is an orange eagle.

Zambian Flag Meaning:
The green base represents the country's vegetation and natural wealth. The red represents Zambia's struggle for independence. Black represents the people of Zambia, and the orange stripe stands for the nation's mineral wealth, especially copper. The eagle stands for freedom and is also in the country's coat of arms.

Zambian Flag History:
The Zambian flag was originally adopted on October 24, 1964, and slightly modified in 1996. The country gained its independence from Britain at this time and changed its name from Northern Rhodesia to Zambia. The eagle originates from Zambia's coat of arms.

Interesting Zambian Flag Facts:
A Zambian flag law states that the National Flag shall only be flown between the hours of sunrise and sunset.


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