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Guyana Flag Meaning and History

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guyana Flag Description:
The flag of Guyana consists of a green background with a yellow horizontal isosceles triangle originating from the left side of the flag. The triangle is bordered by white and a red isosceles triangle that is bordered in black. The triangles point to the right of the flag.

Guyana Flag Meaning:
The green symbolizes Guyana's forests, vegetation and agriculture. The Golden Arrowhead (yellow) represents the country's mineral wealth and its golden future. The red stands for the country's eagerness and enthusiasm to embrace the nation-building process. The white represents Guyana's abundant water resources and the black indicates the perseverance and endurance of the nation.

Guyana Flag History:
The Guyana flag was adopted on May 26, 1966, the day Guyana received independence from Britain. The country also changed its name at this time to 'Guyana', from British 'Guiana'. The Guyana flag is based on a design submitted to a government contest, held in 1962, by an American vexillologist named Dr. Whitney Smith. Dr. Smith's design, however, didn't include the borders around the yellow and red triangles.

Interesting Guyana Flag Facts:
The Guyana flag is also known as the Golden Arrowhead.


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